About me

Born and raised in Detroit, descendant of German bakers, I did what every good Detroiter does and went to work in the auto industry. After a number of years traveling around the globe for one of the “Big Three” I fell in love with a French executive and moved to Paris with him.

I got married, learned French, had twin boys (surprise!) and basked in the opportunity to eat, drink, shop and learn about what makes France and the French so deliciously appealing to the world.

It has been nine years since I moved to Paris (with one quick 18 month assignment in Brussels) and I fall more in love with my life here everyday. In Paris and throughout France I am continuing my passion for exploring new and delicious things. I look forward to sharing and bringing you along on the journey.


What is Epicure Square?

The name Epicure Square wasn’t created by chance. The address where we first landed and lived in Paris had Square in its name. Epicure Square’s four corners represent a place to: Eat, Learn, Shop and Share.

Eat= Great recipes, restaurants or dishes I’ve tried

Learn= I am addicted to cooking classes and cook books and here is where to find some great ones in Paris, Brussels and beyond. Also a place for helpful cooking/baking tips that I get from my European friends and family

Shop= The pleasure of exploring amazing gourmet shops, open air markets, little hidden away mom & pop places

Share= This is where I will introduce you to someone who loves the delicious things in life (like you and me!) and has a recipe and a travel tip to share. You can even be featured as the Chef du Jour!